Grandpas Tomatoes


quality control

Our famous tomato – named after Angie, the seed for Grandpa’s tomatoes has been passed down through the generations of our family.
They are full of flavour and have a unique shape – they really are the way tomatoes were meant to be!
We draw on over 70 years of horticultural experience to grow delicious, flavoursome and gourmet Grandpa’s tomatoes.
We only hand-pick grandpa’s tomatoes if they are plump and heavy for their size (density is a good indicator of flavour).
We also make sure the tomatoes have a firm, shiny skin (no wrinkles).
We then pass them through an aroma test – the tomato should have a slight, crisp aroma which increases with ripeness.


Our Farm


Allow to ripen outside the fridge below 24 degrees. If transferred to the fridge once ripe for maximum flavour allow them to return back to room temperature before cutting.