Irrigation Systems

Efficient water use...

Horticultural farming in south-eastern Australia has undergone fundamental change over the last 15 years. Significant drought has been a key driver in exploring more efficient and environmental farming practices.

We have been instrumental in developing initiatives to combat the effects of drought and improve our environmental footprint. These have included converting a majority of our farm to highly efficient drip irrigation systems (we've managed to save about 55% of our water usage through this mechanism!) We've also been recently exploring highly innovative hydroponics systems to grow some of our produce (our systems are modelled on those we learnt about from the Middle East)!

Food Miles

We think that by growing our own produce, we can give a little back to the environment.

Buying direct from the farmer allows us to harvest just before we deliver. That means you can receive our farm fresh produce within one day of harvest, reducing food miles which means a smaller carbon footprint. It also reduces controlled atmosphere storage. It's the next best thing to having a veggie patch in your backyard!

Food Waste

Less food waste

There is enough food produced in the world to feed everyone, how ever one third of the food produced is wasted. In Australia food waste accounts for more than five per cent of greenhouse gas emissions.

Here at the Fruits of Life we are working to reduce the amount of food waste in store. Ripe fruit and vegetables are turned in to delicious fruit smoothies and juices that are sold here at our juice bar. We also have our very own range of relish, chutney, pasta and tomato sauces made from excess produce grown here on the farm!